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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Take a seat Kimora, Mildred has arrived!!!!

Hello beautiful people…

I hope everyone is having a good weekend?
I’ve been looking for an awesome make up artist for a long time and guess what? I found one.

Recently, I went to Debenhams to get my brows and nails done and I was fortunate enough to run into a fabulous professional make up artist and beauty therapist. His name is Rytis, a professional freelance make up artist, he does make up from beauty and bridal to editorial and creative fashion and might I say, He is fabulous!

He is passionate about what he does, by make up application he helps to enhance the features of faces and help women feel and look beautiful.

Beauty at his fingertips! He will be making me look fab whenever I’m going to an event or doing a photo shoot. You can find him on Instagram: @Ryytis or you can contact me: to reach him.

Thank you so much for visiting, stay beautiful and have a blessed weekend.


  1. Rytis has amazing features oh ma gawd!
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  2. He's so talented!! Love these looks! x