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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Present!!!!!!

Hello beautiful people, it's  been a while. I have been so busy with uni and course work. I’m grateful to you all that took out time to still check my blog out whilst I was away.

It’s Christmas!!  the season for sharing love and happiness. I will be sharing tips on how to look great with simple evening make up tips that will help you look your best. Remember less is more.

Good Primer:When you go out for dinner or a party it means fun filled sessions of dancing, and nightlong entertaining sessions.  There are chances of your makeup smudging and oil around the t-zone on your face. The solution is to Invest in a good face primer, which supports to create a smooth texture and also lengthens the staying hour of your makeup. I use bare minerals primer I think they make the best primer for make up because make up can stay for 12 long hours on your face.
Bare minerals foundation primer.

Good Foundation: It is key to create a good base for makeup most times creating a flawless face is as imperative as choosing a good outfit. Apply light coverage foundation and remember to blend in well.  Then if you have spots or redness you can dab a little concealer on the areas to hide them, which will give you a flawless base. I use Saint Laurent light coverage foundation and Estee lauder concealer.
YSL Foundation 
Estee Lauder concealer

Eyebrows can make or break your look. Always keep your brows groomed (waxing or threading) and neat. Fill up scanty brows; don’t be dramatic about it too. I use eyeshadow(matte) to fill my brows, if I need to and its from Artdeco  make up in Debenhams, its perfect!
I use '520'

Eyeliner: Women have gorgeous eyes when they apply eyeliner that go perfectly well with their frames to define the eyes. Always go with the natural shape of your eyes. Line the upper lid first then you can line the lower lids. (I use kajal to line the lower lid)

Good highlighter: you can create a glow by applying powder highlighter just in the right areas you want them.
Highlighter should be applied where the light hits on your face instinctively and remember the chant, a little is more. Apply some on the arch of brow bone and cheekbone. This would help light to replicate, causing in a glow. If you want to make your face look longer or shorter then a highlighter used for contouring works like magic. There are many brands that deal with this but I recommend: bare minerals, sleek, tom ford contouring kit, YSL touché éclat.
Tom Ford Contouring Kit

 Good Lipstick or Lip colour: the cardinal rule of makeup applies here, if you are going for heavy eye make up then keep the lips nude so you won't look dramatic. If you are going for a dramatic lip colour keep the eyes simple.
Dramatic eyes and nude lips.

And you’re ready for your outing!! Whoosh, remember that you are beautiful, smile and be confident!
Kariba Spiff  from Nigeria Wearing BeautybyMildred Mongolian loose wave and she looks absolutely beautiful!!!

Merry Christmas to you all, Thank you for visiting and God bless you.

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