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Monday, 27 January 2014


 Quite often, we admire celebrities or even our peers that have flawless skin, sometimes we can't even go out without concealing that pimple or spot.Pimples, blemishes and breakouts are often the outcomes of excessive stress, improper diet and fluctuating hormones.

Most people put too much hope in skin care products forgetting that every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease including common skin problems like acne, blackheads et al or fighting  it. You choose. 

The most important preventive measure one can take to fight these skin problems is to eat foods that promote clear skin.

1.BROCCOLI-This is  the flower head of a plant from the cabbage family – has long been known to be a healthy food.

One of the things it contains a whole lot of is Vitamin A, a vitamin that is great at improving the turnover of cells in the skin. 

This means that when you eat broccoli, your skin gets renewed more quickly and fresh skin is on top and the dead skin 

2. SEEDED RED GRAPES- the seeds can be annoying cause you have to remove them while eating and that's time consuming. However, if you really want to achieve a clear skin you will have the time to remove the seeds. Their seeds contains antioxidants, they are 50 times more powerful than skin conditioning vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamin C. if taken alongside vitamin C, they become even more potent, protecting the skin from damage caused by pollutants and toxins, while assisting the repair of collagen. 

3. NATURAL YOGHURT-The health benefits of the lactic bacteria in yoghurt is ideal for the skin. These include immune system support; less constipation, stomach acidity and diarrhoea; lower body fat; protection against food poisoning bugs; stronger bones and fresher breath.A study of 68 people being given two cups of yoghurt a day for about three months found that they produced a higher level of immunity-raising interferon (IFNs)


4. WATER- You can read about the importance of water and how it helps the skin here

5 GREEN TEA- When you’re not drinking water, you should be drinking green tea. It has many health benefits including benefits for the skin. You can drink it cold or hot. to get the full benefits please do not add milk or sugar.

Yeah that's why she looks so good... ha! 

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