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Saturday, 1 March 2014


Hello lovely people, I have compiled some
 of the questions I am asked most often. I hope you find what you're looking for...

1)  What is the best foundation to use for medium skin tone, light skin tone and dark skin stone and which do you use?

 Medium skin tone -Bobbi brown, Lancome, Black up, Bare minerals,MAC, Max Factor, Estee lauder and Elizabeth Arden

Dark skin tone- you can try MAC, YSL, Clinique,Black up,Maybelline, Gorgio Armani, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Bare minerals,Sleek, Elizabeth Arden and Mary kay

Light skin tone(fair skin) - Nars, Lancome, Bare minerals, Lakme,Estee Lauder, Dior Nude,Clarins, Chanel and Artdeco

b) I use Bare minerals Foundation.


2 What hair straightener do you use and does the heat affect your weave?

I use Jose Eber Hair straightener and you can view the  website here 

b) No, it does not affect my weave because I use TRESemme  heat defence spray and you can get from boots.

3) Do you work out? (gym or any kind of exercise)

Lol.. No  I don't go to the gym. I eat healthy most of the time, I take long walks and brazilian dance work out online with Vanessa Isaac. You can watch it here.

4) What lipstick brand do you use?
I use YSL Le rouge, rouge volupte perle(spellbinding voilet, pink in devotion) and pur couture no 206

Mac- Prince Nior 

Lancome- LAbsolu Nu

Doir- Rouge Dior

Bare Minerals- Upper Class Red and Never say never.

Tomford- Voilet Fatale
(those are the ones I can remember)

5) Where did you get your turquoise dress from on Style Dicta's blog? 
I  got it from Virgos Lounge.. here 

Thank you for visiting and Stay blessed!!

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